Welcome to Northern New York

Canadian Travelers

We welcome our Canadian traveler friends to experience affordable, convenient flying at Ogdensburg International Airport. Located just minutes from the US-Canadian border, Ogdensburg International Airport provides an excellent alternative to big-city airports – why deal with crowds and the hassle of navigating a large airport when you can fly with OGS?

PLUS – by using OGS, Canadians are able to clear US Customs at the bridge crossing and will be in the US domestic flying system from that point forward!

Getting Here

Ogdensburg International Airport is located just minutes from the Ogdensburg Prescott International bridge crossing, making it easy for Canadian travelers to make international travel plans.

Border & Customs Information

Current Bridge Toll Rates

$4.25 CAD per car / $3.25 USD per car

Plan Ahead

We are pleased to provide the following resources to make your trip as easy and relaxing as possible.