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Yes, you can bring your pet with you in the passenger cabin of the aircraft!

United Airlines: Pets

United Airlines (operated by SkyWest) allows domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits and household birds (excluding cockatoos) in the aircraft cabin on most flights. A service charge fee applies and there are also other conditions.

All customers traveling with in-cabin pets must check in with a United customer service representative upon arriving at the airport. You will be provided a brightly colored yellow bag tag to attach to your pet’s kennel.

United Airlines’ In-Cabin Pet Policy

United Airlines: Service Animals

Trained service animals, emotional support animals and psychiatric support animals are also permitted to travel in the cabin with you. Note that service animal procedures differ from standard pet procedures.

United Airlines’ Trained Service Animal Policy

Allegiant Air: Pets

Traveling with domestic cats or small dogs is permitted on Allegiant Air flights but is subject to certain rules and conditions. For example, your pet must be small enough to fit into a soft-sided pet carrier, which must remain under the seat while on board the aircraft.

Allegiant Air’s Pet In Cabin Policy

When booking your ticket with Allegiant Air, click on “Pets/Service Animals” below the passenger name input section and select “Add pet in cabin.”

Allegiant Air: Service Animals

Service animals and emotional support animals are subject to different rules and conditions than the Pet In Cabin Policy. To add a service animal or emotional support animal during your booking, select “Travel with Pets” below the passenger name input section when booking your Allegiant Air flight online. Then select “Passenger is traveling with a service animal (guide dog)” or “Passenger is traveling with an emotional support animal.”

A Special Assistance Coordinator may contact you for additional information and to help with seating accommodations. Always confirm assistance with an Allegiant agent upon arrival at the airport.

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