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Ogdensburg International Airport’s Arrivals section is just steps away from the luggage carousel, main entrance and parking lot. Whether you are arriving as a passenger or picking up a loved one, we welcome you to our airport and thank you for choosing OGS.

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Ogdensburg International Airport’s Departures section is just steps away from the parking lot, airline counter and TSA security clearance.

Although OGS is a single-gate airport and waiting times are generally shorter than larger airports with multiple terminals and gates, we still recommend that you arrive no less than 2 hours before your scheduled flight time.

Airlines will close their counters and TSA will close security up to 45 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. Often, the same agents who work at the counter are also responsible for assisting with the boarding process. Once the airline counter and TSA security clearance are closed, OGS does not have the authority to request that they should be re-opened.

Once you have cleared security, relax and enjoy our Departures lounge. We offer free WiFi and there’s a snack counter.

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