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What’s the difference between a ticket and a boarding pass?

A ticket (or eticket) is confirmation that a traveler has purchased a flight from an airline such as Allegiant Air or United Airlines. During the purchase of your ticket, you will have provided information such as your name, your destination, whether you require special assistance, and other details. This information, including the date and time of your flight and how much you paid for it, is stored in an airline’s computer system. Consider your ticket like you would a reservation.

Even if you have a ticket (or eticket), it is not the same thing as a boarding pass. A boarding pass is a different document provided by an airline such as Allegiant Air or United Airlines during check-in at the airport. You can also check in online up to 24 hours before a flight, print off your boarding pass, and bring it with you to the airport. A boarding pass gives a passenger permission to board the plane for a particular flight.

Note: If you have luggage to check, you will still need to stand in line to register it with an airline agent when you get to the airport. If you have carry-on luggage only, have no baggage to check and have already printed off your boarding pass, you can proceed to the security screening area.

How far is the Ogdensburg International Airport (OGS) from the Ottawa region?

If you live on the Canadian side, the Ogdensburg International Airport is a short commute away:

  • About 60 min from Ottawa, Gatineau or Cornwall
  • About 50 min from Manotick or Winchester
  • About 35 min from Kemptville or Brockville
  • OGS is also close to communities along the Kingston-Cornwall corridor, along Highway 416 and throughout the Ottawa Valley and Northwestern Quebec
  • The Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge links Prescott, Ontario, to Ogdensburg, New York, and is only a few minutes away from the Ogdensburg airport

Get directions, border wait times and other information

How much does it cost to park at the airport?

Short-term parking at OGS is FREE if you’re there for under 30 minutes.

Short-term parking is capped at a maximum of $8 USD/day. Note: Only U.S. dollars are accepted.

You can save 25-37% when you book 15 or 30-day extended stay parking blocks at OGS.

For more details or to learn about Ogdensburg’s ZOOM LANE™ cashless, ticketless electronic pass, visit our Parking page.

Does the parking lot provide security features?

We’ve come a long way since a small patch of pavement with only a few spaces was expanded and transformed into a large gated parking lot with nearly 500 spaces. Our parking lot is gated, monitored, well-lit and only steps from the front entrance to the airport.

How far is the parking lot from the airport main terminal building?

The parking lot is only steps away from the airport main terminal building. After that, you’re only steps away from either the Arrivals or Departures sections. Remember that if you’re picking up or dropping off a passenger, parking is free if you’re there for 30 minutes or less.

I plan to be away for a few weeks during the peak of winter. Is covered parking available?

You can save 25-37% when you book 15 or 30-day extended stay parking blocks at OGS. When you arrive to fly out, your vehicle will be picked up by a valet and driven to a safe, secure covered building. Enjoy the peace of mind that your vehicle is protected from the elements while you are away. When you return, your vehicle, keys and parking ticket to exit will be waiting for you.

How busy is the Prescott, ON-Ogdensburg, NY, bridge and border crossing?

Crossing the border during off-peak periods can significantly reduce your traveling time. Most of the time, wait times at the Prescott, ON-Ogdensburg, NY, border are only a few minutes.

Check Canada-to-US border wait times

Once I clear the border, have I cleared customs?

Yes. Whether you are Canadian or American, you’ll be boarding a domestic flight. The only Customs you need to clear is when you cross the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge that links Prescott, Ontario, to Ogdensburg, New York, (only a few minutes away from the Ogdensburg airport).

I want to fly out of Ogdensburg but do not have a vehicle or cannot drive and park there. Is there a shuttle service that can take passengers to the airport?

For the convenience of Canadian travelers wanting to get to and from Ogdensburg International Airport, there are two companies that are registered with us:

Dixon’s Car and Truck Rental

South Coast Shuttle

I am a resident of Florida and will be flying into Ogdensburg. Is ground transportation or taxi service available from the Ogdensburg International Airport?

Lyft is an on-demand transportation company based in the U.S. that uses a car transportation mobile app. It offers U.S. travelers the option to get a “Lyft” to or from the Ogdensburg International Airport. To download the mobile app and learn more about how to request a ride and find your pickup zone, please visit the Lyft website. The website also provides information about costs and includes a Fare Estimator.

Because I am a Canadian traveler and I clear customs at the border, where can I by duty free goods?

Before you cross the border back to Canada, consider stopping at the Duty Free Americas (DFA) store. It’s located before crossing the bridge and before you go through Canadian Customs. Visit our Duty Free page for a map, address and store hours.

What is the difference between OGS and OBPA?

The Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority (OBPA) plays a vital role in facilitating transportation throughout New York’s North Country. Its assets include not only the Ogdensburg International Airport (OGS), but also the Port of Ogdensburg, the New York and Ogdensburg Railway, and the Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge. The OBPA also operates two industrial parks in northern New York State.

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