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Yes! The Ogdensburg Airport has FREE WiFi.

Surfing the Internet on your laptop, tablet or mobile device is a great way to pass the time. To activate WiFi in the OGS terminal, simply:

  1. Turn off Airplane Mode
  2. Enable WiFi on your device
  3. Select “Ogdensburg Intntl Airport Guest” from the network list
  4. If “Ogdensburg Intntl Airport Guest” doesn’t automatically pop up, try launching your Internet browser
  5. Click the box to confirm that you accept all terms and conditions for the use of WiFi
  6. Enjoy your surfing!

For the convenience and enjoyment of all passengers and guests, it is absolutely imperative NOT to engage in illegal downloading while using our free WiFi hotspot.

In a public setting, you are more susceptible to cyberattacks, online snooping or sniffing, and other harmful. We recommend that you limit performing any activity online that requires a login or contains sensitive financial, health or identity information, such as online banking or online shopping.

Or, use a virtual private network (VPN) which can be purchased online before you arrive at the airport. VPNs make sure your public WiFi connections are made private.

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